Dental Pro

Name of Product: Dental Pro Oriental Oral Care

Type of Product: Dental Oral solution (mouth wash Solution).

Product Description: This Product is a new oral care solution created by the modern technology with new concept in oral health. It is composed by precious natural green tea extract, Xylitol, Ginseng extract, Licorice, Sephora and Angelica which is very efficient raw materials for oral health based on traditional teeth brushing with tea. It kills the bad microorganisms and bacterias, specially mutans sp. responsible for tooth decay that solves fundamental dental health problem. This will not only results on prevention of dental cavities, bad oral odor removal and oral freshness, also effective prevention of gum diseases. It is called “ DENTAL PRO” truly excellent natural products for oral care created by GREENLIFE.


Prevention of dental cavities -Kills 99% of Mutans, responsible for dental dacay.

■ Removal of bad breath ■ Prevention of Gingivitis ■ Prevention of periodontitis

■ Prevention of alveolar disease ■ Prevention of gum disease


▶Product’s Features:

-It kills 99.9% the Mutans sp. the bacteria responsible for dental decay, also isolates and eliminates debris, wastes and other bacteria in the process of absorption and isolation and elimination.-Use it once a day (preferably before sleep) for only 30 seconds which will keep your teeth healthy. (Use it about 8ml ~ 10ml per time)

☞ It’s not necessary to gargle, just keep Dental Pro in your mouth for 30 second or more to have same excellent

result on dental care. ( KFDA approved #0902)\

☞ It’s completely new concept of Dental Care Solution.

Approved by many famous dentists (preparing documents)

-Patent pending (international patent)

-Satisfactory experiments in lab, documenting the process of absorption,

isolation and removal of oral bacteria.

(Institute of Research on Environmental Protection)

-Completed lab experiments that kills 99.9% of the bacterias responsible on

teeth decay and oral bad odors.

(Korea Research Institute of Chemical Analysis)

-Complete analysis of debris and wastes eliminated.


Importance of the Oral Hygiene

How’re you taking care of dental health?

Americans are facing very expensive dental professional costs…

It is very important preventive dental care that your dentist

Counsels how you manage dental brush and floss.

It is more important how to brush your teeth than how many times you brush.

Brushing teeth doesn’t remove all bacteria responsible for teeth decay in your mouth.

You should learn the right way of managing oral and dental care with your dentist.

In recent years the medical community emphasize its importance more than the any health laws through lots of studies and experiments for several years.

In particular as the oral and the teeth are only the passage of the interior of the body, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Sometimes it’s the way of the cause of other diseases.

The preventive dental care by brushing teeth only is not complete to kill oral bacteria. We recommend floss teeth and use DENTAL PRO by GREENLIFEto prevent the gum disease and keep your teeth healthy.


Importance of the Oral Hygiene

REMEMBER : You never can recover the original healthy tooth once your

Careless behavior results dental decay…

In modern society, there are so many environmental facts that may cause harm to teeth and oral hygiene!

Favorite beverage like coffee, Coca-Cola, cigarette, ice cream, chocolate, and other sweet cookies and nuts can cause serious damage to the teeth.

The busy lifestyle could lead to neglect management of oral care which exposes higher risk of dental disease.

As mentioned before, you cannot recover what you got to permanent dental damage.

Even we know importance of the prevention, the modern society have contaminated our way of neglecting dental care. Now, it is time to remind it and use DENTAL PRO.

As a result of research shows that the oral diseases influence the damages to the body organs, there is no lack for the emphasis of importance of prevention oral care. The fact that the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth by oral diseases induces a lot of diseases including heart disease, pancreatic cancer, liver disease, etc, raise the awareness of oral health. The oral is the barometer for the health of the digestive, the respiratory, the endocrine system!

It is important to remember that preventive oral care is deeply related to prevention of whole body health.



▶It may have a higher risk of heart attack for people who have many bacteria in the mouth!

< Dr. Oelisoa Andrianca, Department of Oral Biology of College of Dentistry, University of Buffalo, U.S. >

▶People with gum disease are more susceptible to cancer!

< Imperial College of London (ICL) research team>

▶People with periodontal disease have higher risk for Pancreatic, cancer 54%, Kidney cancer 49%, Lung cancer 36%, Blood cancer like Leukemia, Bone marrow cancer 30% .

< Dr. Dominique Michaux, Imperial Collège of London, Cancer Epidémiologiste, UK >

▶ The people with 0~16 teeth have approximately 70% higher risk of lung cancer than those with 25-32 teeth.

<Harvard University Graduate School of Public Health Researchers>

▶ There are deep relationships between oral diseases and systemic diseases.

<The American Dental Association (ADA)>

▶The oral bacteria can get into blood flow and sticks to the fatty plaques to

form thrombosis in the blood vessel and finally could lead to heart disease

by atherosclerosis.

<Director Dr. Do Young Kim, the Society of Periodontology of Korea>

▶ Periodontitis cause or exacerbate systemic disease!

<American Academy of Periodontology (AAP)>

▶ The periodontal disease could be precursor of diabetes and diabetes may exacerbate the periodontal diseases!

<American Diabetes Academy >

▶ Male patients with periodontal disease have 8 times higher risk of the erectile dysfunction.


▶ If you manage oral care well, it may effect the prevention of the dementia!

<United States West Virginia University of U.S.>

▶ The oral bacteria may be associated with the obesity. The overweight women have more

bacteria in saliva than normal women in the salvia

<United States Forsyth Institute, Team of Dr. Max Goodson (Dental research journal)>

▶ The oral bacteria of the pregnant was found in the fetus

<Team of Dr. Cecilia Gonzalez Martin, Queen Mary Hospital, U.K. >

▶ Less cavities higher school scores!

<Research agencies Embrain>

▶ If you neglect the rotten baby teeth, it influence negatively on children’s growth

<President of the Society of Pediatric Dentistry, Korea >

Product Development Background

It Contains the Secrets of Millenary Oriental Medicine of

Gargling Method of Green Tea

The tea culture has been developed during the several thousand years.

It was paying attention for “green tea gargling method” as one of the health method of the oriental medicine. The research has begun with new concept of cleaning a part of food left between teeth & gargling with green tea after eating. Finally, “ Dental Pro” was born as result !!


After the research, it was found out the component called Tannin (Catechins)

of green tea which is responsible for excellent efficacy.

And, finally we have invented the innovative oral care solution

for isolation and eradication of harmful bacteria and germs.

Indeed, it is a sensational accomplishment from

Oriental Herbal Tea of several thousand years history and

phenomenal know-how of research.

Product’s benefits

Natural Miraculous Gifts – Green Tea (Catechins, Polyphenols)

The benefits of green tea discovered by the oriental classical medical books as well as the recent medical scientific technology are very adorable amazing. In particular, we will recognize the necessity of oral health care is very good and catechin components of green tea polyphenols teeth due, in oral action.

Especially, as the effective actions of the teeth & oral by catechin & polyphenols of green tea are very beneficial,

It would be recognized as the essentials of the oral health care.

The main raw material of “ Dental Pro” is the extract of this natural green tea! “ Dental Pro” takes the twice fermentation in a special high-tech skills with using of the selected leaves of 2 year old green tea.

In addition, the our main technology isolating & eradicating completely of the bad bacteria & microbes in the mouth by adsorption of calcium ion works for the role & action of the separation of oral bacteria.

Catechins & polyphenols which are the green tea extract have a great effect in removing of the bacteria in teeth & oral and promote the prevention of the cavities with forming the fluoride films by sodium fluoride.

Also, the components of Xylitol & Menthol keep the cleanliness & refreshing in the mouth and hygienic oral care.


Mechanism of Action

Production action principle of Dental Pro

The catechin of green tee & fluorine have the strong antibacterial activity and remove the contaminated

foreign materials in the mouth. The procedure of the withdraw is as follow; Penetration to the streptococcus (mutans

bacteria) → sterilization → absorption → coagulation→ fluorine coating → removal. The streptococcus which is

the cause of the cavities lives in the efflorescence, tongue coating, plaque, Calculus, etc. stuck in the detailed spaces

between the teeth, periodontal, tongue & oral.


dp8(steptococcus mutarns)

Product’s Feature

Why we recommend…

Outstanding features of Dental Pro – the new concept of Dental Care !

The most efficient way to prevent cavities!

Dental Pro” is the most effective method of preventing the cavities!

It contains the effective components like fluoride, xylitol, and other extracts from the green tea for the prevention of the cavities. Especially, it destroys the harmful bacteria films responsible for cavity and gum diseases. It prevents by repeating of isolation, removal of debris continuosly in the mouth.

It solves the fundamental causes of the bad breath

Dental Pro” has the new concept on oral care focusing at oral diseases caused by the harmful bacteria and eradicating it.
The causes of the bad breath are the decay of a small amounts of the food waste between teeth, which proliferate bacteria and produce an unpleasant gas. And it will be the problems of the oral itself as well as giving the bad influences of the body balance, is the red light of the health accordingly.

Therefore, it is important to remove the fundamental causes for the bad breath!
The proud of the “ Dental Pro” is the excellent effects of the removal of the bad breath!


The reasons why we recommend

It makes the teeth healthier and stronger

The fluorine component of the “Dental Pro” containing component

Performs the very important role

The sodium fluoride kills the harmful oral bacteria, forms fluoride

coating films, prevents the damages of the teeth & cavities, makes

the teeth healthy and stronger accordingly.

Therefore, “Dental Pro” is the daily essentials helping the management

of teeth, oral care

It reduces the bacteria causing gum disease cleanly & refreshingly

The components of “Dental Pro” have the helpful benefits for the cleanness

of the teeth & oral. It can keep the oral clean by removing harmful bacteria and preventing the occurrence of the harmful components.

In addition, the components of menthol & xylitol increases the freshness in the mouth



Prevention of dental cavities ( 99% Sterilization for bacteria of cavities )

Removal of bad breath

Prevention of Gingivitis

Prevention of periodontitis

Prevention of alveolar disease

Prevention of gum disease


Study & Experiment – Demonstration for Emission, absorption of the bacteria

(Korea Institute of Construction Household Environmental Testing, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Convergence test)





■ Name of the experiment: The demonstration test of the emission, adsorptions of the cavities and plagues after using “Dental Pro”

■ Medical institutions: Korea Institute of Construction Household Environmental Testing

■ Experimental responsibility: Hygiene Dept.

Laboratory Equipment: microscope – 1000 magnification observations.

■ Specimens: Saliva after using 1 min of “Dental Pro”
■ Experimental purposes : Confirm test of adsorption, coagulation & Sterilization of cavity bacteria in the saliva

Research and experiment Confirmation for discharged debris after using product

Confirmation for discharged debris after using product dp12

■ Name of the experiment: test to Identify debris after using the “Dental Pro”

■ Medical institute: Korea Institute of Construction Household

Environmental Testing

■ Specimen: Debris after 1 minute of using “ Dental Pro”

■Experimental purposes: Analysis of the contents of the

debris analysis after using “Dental Pro”

Study & Experiment- confirmation for reduction of the cavity bacteria after using the product

Confirmation for reduction of the cavity bacteria after using product

■Name of the experiment: Confirmation for reduction of the cavity

bacteria after using “ Dental Pro ”

■ Medical institute: Korea Institute of Chemical Test & Research

■Specimen: Debris after 1 minute of using “ Dental Pro ”

■Experimental purposes: After using product, confirmation of the bacteria causing cavities ( Mutarns bacteria, Fusobacterium nucleatum, causing bad breath, Prevotella melaninogenica, klebsiella pneumonia. )

Raw Materials


About 2,500 years ago, Dr. Bian Que had revived the dying prime Prince of the neighboring country with Tea tree and became the

first excellent Doctor in China. The tea was starting to be talked about to the “ elixir plant” for prevention of any disease from that time.
This tea is the precious plant having good materials for the health of our body.

In particular, the components of Tannin and Polyphenol have been studied as removal of bad breath, eradication of the oral bacteria and the beneficial materials.

Tannin or Polyphenol consist of six types of Catechin and the components influencing flavor, color and taste of the tea greatly and are more in 2nd~3rd tea leaves collected in summer & fall than tea fermentation. Polyphenol of tea leaf consists of the glass-type Catechin giving mild bitterness and the ester-type Catechin giving bitterness & astringency and combined-type giving strong bitterness & mild astringency. It is separated with protein comparing the Tennin of persimmon & doesn’t taste astringent.

One of the main components of the tea is the caffeine. But the reason without side effects of the caffeine in the tea is that the melting rates is low in the body with keeping water-insoluble substances at the low temperature after Polyphenol & vitamin combined with the caffeine of tea. Among the components of the tea, it contains the amino acid giving sweet body taste, glutamine acid & aspartic acid giving sour body taste, arginine giving bitter body taste. Those essential amino acid add the flavor of the tea and works important role in our body depending on the contents of the amino & nitrogen compounds.




▶ Do you want to prevent cavities?
☞ Cavities can be prevented. The fundamental causes are harmful microbes & bacteria. Teeth’s brushing isn’t enough. “Dental Pro” helps to complete elimination of bacteria!!

▶ Do you suffer the bad breath problem?

☞ The principal reason of the bad breath is the gas emission produced by oral bacteria. “Dental Pro” the new concept of oral care, eradicate the bacteria of your mouth and refresh your mouth daily.

▶ Do you suffer periodontal problem and gum disease ?
☞ You will feel amazing improvement on Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Alveolar disease, and Gum disease.

▶ Do you want to prevent cavities?
☞ Cavities can be prevented. The fundamental causes are harmful microbes & bacteria. Teeth’s brushing isn’t enough. “Dental Pro” helps to complete elimination of bacteria!!

▶ Do you suffer the bad breath problem?

☞ The principal reason of the bad breath is the gas emission produced by oral bacteria. “Dental Pro” the new concept of oral care, eradicate the bacteria of your mouth and refresh your mouth daily.

▶ Do you suffer periodontal problem and gum disease ?
☞ You will feel amazing improvement on Gingivitis, Periodontitis, Alveolar disease, and Gum disease.

People who has difficulty on teeth brushing because of Orthodontic appliances. Prosthetic appliances, Dentures

☞ “Dental Pro” become necessity instead of option for people who has such situation.

People who has consistent oral hygiene mind .

☞ “Dental Pro”, the new concept on oral hygiene, helps to remove completely harmful microbes, bacteria, plagues, etc. It presents as functional scaling at home with great result in oral hygiene.

People who want to protect the teeth
☞ “Dental Pro” is certified by KFDA for the efficacy which really leaves your teeth healthy & strong.

People who have the severe teeth wear-out
☞ The excessive teeth brushing leads to the wear-out of teeth. Using “Dental Pro”, there is no worry about the wear-out of teeth.

The parents who concern about kid’s dental care.

Once damaged teeth can’t be recovered to original healthy teeth. The dental care during infancy is the first & last

chance of healthy preservation. You should emphasize the oral care for infancy & youth’s period.

▶The old people who needs dental care.
People aging face more importance on dental health. Because of aged people are reduced on immunity against bacteria, “ Dental Pro” treatment becomes more important.


The patients who suffers dental pain & discomfort of the teeth brushing

☞ “Dental Pro” is very useful for the persons having difficulty of teeth brushing.

The simple rinse with “Dental Pro” can keep the mouth clean

▶People who travels, does camping, does field training out of hometown.
☞ “Dental Pro” was invented as substitution for those who can’t have a tooth brushing at certain situation.
Generally, regular antiseptic gargling products show less than 20% of efficacy. Meanwhile,

“ Dental Pro” has advanced antiseptic power presenting 100% of efficacy on killing germs.

Children who doesn’t do right tooth brushing.

☞ “Dental Pro” gives an excellent effect to the children who doesn’t do an adequate

tooth brushing. We recommend the use of “Dental Pro” because it is very

important for kid’s teeth & oral hygiene!

People who wants to refresh the mouth.
☞ “Dental Pro” kills oral germs. At same time, contains the beneficial natural components as menthol & xylitol which can refresh your mouth.




Open the bottle, then pour approximately 8-10 ml of “DENTAL PRO” liquid, which should measure equivalent at

lid enough to overflow and put it into your mouth.

You can keep in your mouth for about 30-60 seconds. No necessity of gargling.

After 30-60 seconds, spit it out. You should not drink, although it is not harmful.

☞ Note: Sometimes, people who has a clean teeth and mouth, should not observe any debris.



Q How to use & how many times a day

We recommend to use “Dental Pro” at least once a day before sleeping. However, you can use as many times as you feel the discomfort in the mouth or need a tooth brushing because of the bad breath or simply want to use it after the meal. You can put a certain amount (about 8ml to 10ml) in your mouth for just 30 – 60 seconds.

You can substitute tooth brushing by “Dental Pro” when you travel by like aircraft, trains, long distance buses, etc.

But it isn’t desirable to use as a substitute of the tooth brushing continuously

We recommend to use “Dental Pro” and tooth brushing together in order to have the best result in oral hygiene.


Q What if you can’t see any debris after use?

It is obvious you can’t see any debris if you have nice and clean teeth. However, make sure you used it correctly. Sometimes, we recommend to gargle for 10 seconds, then remain 30 to 60 seconds in your mouth, to give enough time to react debris and Dental Pro.

In certain patient, you can’t see any debris because the protein structure of debris is totally dissolved away due to increased acidity in the mouth of patients who suffer stomach ulcer or gastric hyper secretion. Sometimes, an excessive gargling could result in dissolution of the clotted materials and you can’t see any debris. (In this case, certainly all bacteria are dead ) We do not recommend to gargle excessively, just put it in the mouth.


Q What is the difference between “Dental Pro” and others? While the normal gargling products just remove the bad breath, “Dental Pro” has component called CATECHIN from

the green tea that kills bacteria that cause the oral inflammatory diseases, cavities and bad breath in the mouth. And the most important is the removal of debris by process of consolidation reaction and elimination. And it is the safe product approved without any side effects reported so far.


Q How much can we use each time ?Pour it into a cup of product container lid not enough overflow ( about 8ml ~ 10ml ) then put into the mouth and spit out after 30seconds ~ 60 seconds.


Q Can use during pregnancy?

Yes, you can. However, please don’t swallow it. You might rinse the mouth with water after use. If occurs the vomiting, discomfort, any other symptoms, please stop using the product immediately and get consultation with a doctor or pharmacist.



Q Can use after the tooth brushing or instead

Not recommended for use as the substitute for tooth brushing, however it has high synergy on killing any kind of oral germs and removing the debris if you to oth brush and use “Dental Pro” together.


Q What if swallow “Dental Pro” accidently?
No significant effects found on the human body after taking a small amount of remaining in the mouth after use.

“Dental Pro” is purposed as oral care solution not for drinking. It is purposed as oral disinfection, removal of bad breath in the mouth and refresh the mouth. It has observed certain vomiting, discomfort, other minor symptoms after swallowing, not any intoxication problem. However we recommend professional consultation in case of accident.

Q Do we need to rinse the mouth with water after use?

“Dental Pro” kills most of oral bacteria during gargling, and remaining “Dental Pro” liquid in the mouth after use continue the antiseptic effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to rinse with water after use of “dental Pro”. However, if you feel more freshness rinsing with water, you can do so. Depending on individual character, people feel like rinse afterward. It is OK even though it is not desirable.


Q Can children use it?

Create habit of using “Dental Pro” is very important for kid principally who loves sweet food. The sweet food will decay rapidly kid’s teeth. It is good idea “Dental Pro” at night as prevention. However you must educate them properly before use it. Because of teeth’s damages are permanent, it is important create the habit of taking care of tooth since childhood. If you can educate them properly as not swallow liquid after gargling, it will be perfect preventive dental care.