The company processes the finest quality Nopal Juice and Nopal powder available in the world. Our Nopal products are all produced from the OpuntiaFicusIndica high mountain grown species.We have a proprietary process to naturally dehydrate and Spray-dry our Nopal, close to our fields assuring you freshness and quality. Our fields are painstakingly farmed according to USDA, EU and JAS organic standards and we carefully harvest only the best leaves for processing.
Our factory is located in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas close to the border of Mexico renowned for its high quality grown Nopal throughout the world.All products manufactured are meticulously analyzed and tested for quality and purity by our Microbiology and HPLC lab.  Our own in-house freeze drying facilities make ordering certified organic Nopaljuice and powder easy!We continue to develop new cutting edge products such as Nopal body lotion and Nopal shampoo to be introduced very soon in the market.  We guarantee the best quality Nopal products on the global market.

Since 1997 most of the factory production has been exported to Japan. We are now expanding the North American market withthe unprecedented GREEN LIFE cooperativemarketing strategy that is changing the face of nutrition supplements. The vertical integration of Nopal products with the GREEN LIFE ecofriendly manufacturer will provide a healing and health improvement to our associates.


Many people ask; why should I eat nopal during my main meals and drink nopal juice, without seeing any results?

Remember, not all nopal juices are the same. Do not waste your money until you have fully understood the difference between regular nopal juice and GreenLife’s Super Concentrated Nopal Juice.

Our product is a special prepared extraction of Nopal that has been developed throughout 20 years of extensive research and testing.

Although, there are 18 discovered amino acids in nopal; not all are completely absorbable by the human body. This remains true, unless it is extracted through our unique extraction process. Anyone can call their branded nopal juice concentrated, even if the concentration is only 2 times stronger than the regular dilution. The dilution for GreenLife’s Super Concentrated Nopal Juice is up to 30 times stronger. Our juice is a single strength, 100% pure, Nopal juice.