Smooth bowel movement

Smooth bowel movement Accumulated substances including dietary fiber are not digested
Means more amount of defecation and moisture.
Softer defecation process helps your bowel movement and intestine health.


Cholesterol Improvement

If you intake milagro before meal, this product
Deters cholesterol absorption in the small intestine, blocks resorption of bile acid, controls
Cholesterol composition, and reduces the blood cholesterol level by controlling HDL and LDL.


Help deterring blood sugar level after

By deterring absorption of sugar in food,
Blood sugar level can be controlled. Moreover, by facilitating the glucose use in
Body cells, blood sugar level can be more easily controlled.
These are on body application test of Psyllium husk which is the main ingredient of the product.


Anderson et al (200a) had 250 adults with a slightly high cholesterol level intake 10.2g of Psyllium husk fiber for 26 weeks. The researchers found out that Psyllium husk reduced total cholesterol level and LDL-cholesterol level. Study by Davison et al (1997) in which 198 adults took 3.4, 6.8, 10.2g of Psyllium husk for 24 weeks showed the same result.

Anderson et all (2000b) revealed a meta-analysis outcome that taking 10.2g of Psyllium husk for over 8 weeks can help reduce the blood cholesterol level and LDL-cholesterol level. Furthermore, Bliss et all(2001) did a double blind study in which 28 people whose bowel movement is not very good took 25g of Psyllium of the excreta of the group were significantly reduced compared to a control group. Ashraf et al (1995) had 22 people who have intestinal problems take 5g of Psyllium husk for 8 weeks.

The researchers found that weigh and frequency of excretion were significantly increased while hardness of excreta and pain were significantly reduced.

10g* 9 packs * 10 tablets (900g)

3 times a day, 1 pack each time, please take it with a good amount of water 5 to 10 minutes before meal.

Inulin developed by the R&D division of Green Life International / “MIRAGRO Dietary Fiber” Psylluim husk is the mail ingredient and supplementary ingredients include millet, sorghum, blsck bean, cornus fruit and Korean angelica root. MILAGRO Dietary Fiber facilitates bowel movement, deters blood sugar level rise after meal and reduces cholesterol level. This intestine-benefiting product can be taken by both men and women of all ages.